Friday, February 26, 2016

Fail Friday: Stupid Hands

"I don't spill paint. I am grossly smug about how clean I stay while pushing paint around and how in control of my hands I am. Late pregnancy has changed all that. 

I was mixing some blues with gesso inside a large cup when my hands went all stupid and the container full of paint went soaring in slow motion through the air, splattering all over. 

The biggest casualties were the den's carpet and abeautiful oriental rug that had no business being inside what I call my studio. But I don't spill paint, soooo.

Anyway, picture what you see on those pants (okay, I'm deluding myself, they're actually big stretchy leggings because real pants haven't fit me for months), but on a much grander scale. Like the blood spilling from the elevators in "The Shining," only light blue and paired with an audible stream of the foulest obscenities ever uttered by one person.

The carpet and rug are fine now after ferociously attacking the spills with hot, soapy water and some additional mumbled curses for good measure."

-Chloe York

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