Friday, February 26, 2016

Fail Friday: Stupid Hands

"I don't spill paint. I am grossly smug about how clean I stay while pushing paint around and how in control of my hands I am. Late pregnancy has changed all that. 

I was mixing some blues with gesso inside a large cup when my hands went all stupid and the container full of paint went soaring in slow motion through the air, splattering all over. 

The biggest casualties were the den's carpet and abeautiful oriental rug that had no business being inside what I call my studio. But I don't spill paint, soooo.

Anyway, picture what you see on those pants (okay, I'm deluding myself, they're actually big stretchy leggings because real pants haven't fit me for months), but on a much grander scale. Like the blood spilling from the elevators in "The Shining," only light blue and paired with an audible stream of the foulest obscenities ever uttered by one person.

The carpet and rug are fine now after ferociously attacking the spills with hot, soapy water and some additional mumbled curses for good measure."

-Chloe York

Calls to Artists: 2-26-2016

•The University of Memphis Box Gallery is seeking submissions for their Fourth Annual Best of Memphis Juried Exhibition. Submissions are open to any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in art classes at a higher education institution in the greater Memphis area. The deadline to apply is Feb. 29. Read more and submit...

•The Young Arts Patrons organization is seeking submissions for their exhibition Young Collectors Memphis, which will be on view March 11–12 at Crosstown Arts, 430 N. Cleveland St. Young Collectors Memphis is a contemporary art exhibition established as part of the annual arts programming for Young Arts Patrons. The exhibition is recognized for providing its local community of emerging artists with the opportunity to access a diverse audience, and allows young collectors to engage in events and programs to build their personal collections. The deadline to submit work is March 10. Read more and submit…

•Memphis College of Art is seeking alumni and non-degreed former students who have completed at least 12 hours in a degree-seeking program to submit artwork for the 2016 Biennial Alumni Exhibition. The exhibition will be juried by Mark Scala, chief curator at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, Tenn. The exhibition will be on view May 20–Aug. 6 in the Hyde Gallery of the Nesin Graduate School, 477 S. Main St. The deadline to submit is March 12. Read full submission guidelines and submit...

•The Downtown Memphis Commission is seeking proposals for a temporary mural for a storefront at 107 S. Main St., to be on view until the developer has finalized plans for the property. The property owner will add new plywood to the ground-floor storefront to create the priority area for the mural. All submissions must propose a mural that will completely fill the priority area, and the mural should last a minimum of 24 months without maintenance. The deadline to submit is March 14 by 9 a.m. Read full submission guidelines and submit…

•The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in California is seeking artists to submit work for their Blue Marble: National Juried Exhibition, on view at the museum June 3–July 31. Submissions will be juried by Patricia Watts, and work in all mediums will be considered. The theme of the show is the planet Earth, and first through third place winners from the exhibition will receive cash prizes. The exhibition is open to all artists 18+ years of age living within the United States, and the deadline to apply is March 19, 2016. Read more and submit…

•DRAWL Southern Contemporary Art and Oxford American Magazine are seeking submissions for the exhibition The Gun Show, which explores the historical and cultural role of the firearm in the American South. The Gun Show is a juried art competition and exhibition open to all artists, both amateur and professional, born in, currently residing in or having lived for a period of five years or more in one of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. The show will be judged by Chad Alligood, a curator at the world class Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, and will be exhibited in Little Rock at DRAWL and the Oxford American’s annex space in summer 2016. The deadline to submit is March 25. Read more and submit...

•Main & Station is seeking artists to submit work for the Nonesuch Art on Paper Awards, an international arts award program based in Canada. The awards are open to all artists, and consist of cash prizes and artist residencies valued up to nearly $20,000. Entries will be accepted until April 30, and the winners will be announced Sept. 3. Read more and apply…

•The Outflix Film Festival is seeking submissions of documentaries, animation and narratives that involve the LGBT motif for their short film competition. The festival will take place in September 2016, and first, second and third places prizes will be awarded. The deadline to submit is May 31. Read more and submit…

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Alligator Snapping Turtle II

We recently revisited a collaborative painting for our good friend Natalie, in exchange for our maternity photo shoot. She is a fantastic photographer and made Eric and I feel so at ease.

She wanted a snapping turtle because it reminds her of growing up in Florida and she likes orange and pink, so I had a blast with this color palette.

If you are interested in commissioning us for a creature of your own, let us know now. We don't have much time before Baby Echo is born :)

Chloe York and Eric Quick "Snapping Turtle II" Mixed Media on Paper 18"x24" 2016

in progress

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fail Friday 2-12-16

"Eric Quick and I had a collaborative art show back in July where we did all these big works on paper. As we completed them, we immediately placed them in frames and did not photograph the pieces beforehand. Now we have to go back and remove the works from their frames just to get decent, non-glaring photographs."

-Chloe York

Chloe York and Eric Quick "Alligator Snapping Turtle" Mixed Media on Paper 2015

Monday, February 8, 2016

Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists

The following information was posted on Visual Memphis by Kathryn Maish and I thought I would spread the love. I am definitely going to use this to develop my work further.

Springboard for the Arts offers Work of Art, a free digital workbook and video series, to help artists develop practical business skills. The toolkit came out of their professional development workshops with artists across the Midwest, and is designed to share those lessons and give artists resources to learn together. Take advantage of their free toolkits and videos at the links below:

Work of Art Toolkit Workbook

Work of Art Toolkit Guide

Work of Art Video list

You can purchase hard copies of the Work of Art materials here.

The Work of Art toolkit is supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Marketplace Empowerment for Artists.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Decorator XXXVI

      Chloe York "The Decorator XXXVI" Acrylic on Canvas 24"x36" 2016
Wow, there are 36 "Decorators" now!





Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I'm so glad to have these paintings back from my framer. They are now ready for future shows!