Friday, January 15, 2016

Life Lately

Some of you may know that we just moved into our first actual adult home. It is rad here. These were taken in our den on a normal day. We spend the majority of our time in here (mostly because it's where the TV is). Eric has some sculptures in progress sitting out on the coffee table and my studio is in the corner. 

Eric's make-up and prosthetics business, Mid-South Effects moved into a new space and he has been hard at work expanding their merchandise to include gifts and collectibles like this Cthulhu figurine (originally carved from wood by Nick Darmstaedter). 

Baby Echo is doing great. She moves around in my tummy a lot and is quite a warrior already judging by how strong those kicks are. Here is her room so far. We plan to hang art everywhere and fill up a giant shelf with all the books she could ever read.

Buttercup turns 11 years old in April (same month Echo is due!) and loves to follow me around the house. She follows faster when I'm heading toward the kitchen. I'm really interested to see how she takes to a new tiny person living with us.

Our bedroom is full of trinkets and weird art. I suppose our whole house is, but we saved the weirdest stuff for ourselves.

We really like dead things. The prides of our collection include a stuffed duck with a mohawk, a preserved flying lizard (his name is Leroy Jenkins), 9 butterflies, a dried-out bat, a whale vertebrae and the skulls of a coyote, baby deer, and a zebra. 

In June, I am scheduled to show at the Memphis Botanic Gardens with the talented Amy Hartelust. These two land/seascapes are going to be collaborative pieces we complete together. I think our styles will really complement each other.

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