Friday, August 14, 2015

Fail Friday: Terri Scott

This week's Fail Friday post features special guest illustrator, Terri Scott, who had this story to share:

"While in school, I was asked by 'Anonymous' Theatre to do an Alice in Wonderland illustration. They could only pay a small amount, but I was eager for the experience and knew from other artists that they were good people. I jumped right into it and it took several weeks, in between school, to finish. The day I finished the last stroke, I left to run errands. My acrylic painting on illustration board lay flat on my drawing table, with a full cup of paint water next to it.
I have a cat. She likes water. When I came home after a few hours, I found my painting soaking in a pool of water, the cup tipped over! It was so soaked that it warped the board and the backing peeled off! I took the blow dryer to it until it dried completely. The painted part was still intact (yay acrylic!) so my roommate rigged up this photoshoot using all of our lamps and yarn and tape. She managed to take good photos of the piece, despite the warped board.
I then emailed my client the piece and thought, 'Done and done!' Well...I realized the importance of flushing out all of the details of a project beforehand when they asked, 'When can we get the original?' Um. I assumed, because I've been taught that illustrators typically don't sell originals and that the theater would only use it on their website, that they only wanted the digital file. Well.
I had to explain to them my error and admit that my cat pretty much killed it. Evil little furball! Thankfully they were understanding, but chided me for not being clearer in the beginning. Everything resolved itself and I learned two valuable lessons. Never leave water cups unattended and always be thorough about any project before jumping in!"
-Terri Scott
Thanks for sharing, Terri! To see more of Terri's work, please visit her website:

Photo courtesy of Terri Scott

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