Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Commission Us?

Remember these collaboratives Eric Quick and I completed together? We managed to sell two of the series and were also approached for a commission. We are currently at the sketch approval stage, but once the client approves the sketch and color palette, we will set to work on the piece. 

The parameters for the project were to use barred owls as the animal (the client has a pair of them that live in her backyard, so we decided to do two owls) and she likes the palette of "Hermit Crab" but wanted a little more emerald green. 

If you would like to commission us for a creature collaborative, please contact me at chloe.york@hotmail.com.

Chloe York and Eric Quick "Nautilus" 

Chloe York and Eric Quick "Hermit Crab"

Chloe York and Eric Quick "Mantis Shrimp"

Eric Quick "Barred Owl" sketch and palette study

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