Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Essential Summer 2014: Chloe York

My office

Bar DKDC in the Cooper Young district. My new favorite eats.

Eating / Healthier. Lots of greens like arugula, kale, and brussels sprouts and I'm learning to cut out all the sugar.
 Drinking /Water, coffee, and Moscow Mules.
 Practicing /Aromatherapy. I have a modest collection of essential oils that help me sleep better, calm me in times of stress, and I use Thieves oil as my perfume. 
 Mastering / My first managerial position as the Community Education Associate at Memphis College of Art. I love it here.
Learning / To write a novel. It is a huge undertaking and very time-consuming. 
 Trying / Reading at least one book a month. I recently finished "Heart Shaped Box" by Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman's collection of short stories "Fragile Things", and a rad graphic novel series called "Saga."
 Playing / On that Pottermore website. Turns out, I'm a Hufflepuff.
 Reading / Design blogs and real books with no pictures. And books with just pictures. I read whenever I can. It is the jam.
 Remembering / How much I love autumn. I love being cold, bundling up, and having pumpkin in EVERYTHING. I yearn for red leaves, crisp cedar scented breezes, and oversized sweaters.
 Wearing / Loose fitting garments that make me feel like a lovely bohemian. Lots of rings. Big chunky necklaces. Layers even in the 90+ degree heat. 
Cooking / Pastas, curry chicken, avocados and capers and mint on everything.
 Working / In my beautiful new office surrounded by children's artwork and on that novel I keep mentioning. I'm also struggling with a new, blue hued Decorator.
 Traveling / To the woods, the Cooper Young district, local restaurants like Bar DKDC, shops like Goner Records, Burke's Bookstore, making new discoveries in the city I've decided to call home.
 Wanting / Coconut oil, Valor Essential oil from Young Living, a tiny potted fir tree for the living room, a Moroccan rug, an endless supply of Golden acrylics. 

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  1. Wow, a novel! I really admire that. Your short stories sound wonderful, too! Let me read them? :)