Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mid-South Effects

Next week, I will begin working at emerging business Mid-South Effects, a Memphis based company specializing in the creation of prosthetics and makeups for theatrical performances. We currently sell products for Shrek the Musical, including a Pinnochio mask with a growing nose, an ogre cowl, noses, and ears. We even have a donkey prosthetic! Check us out here:

We have everything needed to transform actors for Shrek shows. What shows would be cool to do next? Are you putting on any live performances you need prosthetics made for? Please share any ideas and suggestions in the comments below or email us at 


  1. You will likely meet you daughter Rosy at some point. She just finished an in depth class there and will be doing some other art studies in the coming weeks.

    1. I got to meet her when we were both helping out at Shrek the Musical. She was working on a really cool makeup sculpt as I recall. I'm so glad she's continuing on with her work!