Sunday, January 12, 2014

Progress: The Decorator XXIV

For this one, I'm working to subdue my color palette and steer clear of using too many acidic bright shades like in the other pieces. From a technical standpoint, I think this is a good idea but I'm having trouble deciding if less intense colors will support my concept. These certainly aren't dull colors by any means, so I think it will turn out fine. My plan is to add lots of different blue and green values and allow the pink undercoats to remain themselves for more contrast and I also want some more neutrals, especially warm, rich grays. 


  1. I love the green circles near the bottom. Also, that large form looks kind of like a head, like in some of Hamlett Dobbins's paintings.

  2. Thanks! I love Hamlett's work. I'm so glad you see the figure; all of my Decorator series are portraits. The idea is that they're camouflaging themselves with these oceanic patterns and forms.