Saturday, October 5, 2013

Caddis Fly Larvae

 My wonderful artist husband and I were talking the other night and I confessed to him that I've grown a bit wary and afraid I'm not making any new steps or doing anything new with my work since my Decorator series has gained so much attention and they are the pieces that people most recognize and comment on of all my painting work. I'm terrified of falling into a rut and continuing to make this series just to please everyone and get into shows but my biggest concern is that the more of this series that I create, the less they will ultimately mean to me. So Eric suggested that I look away from decorator crabs for a while and research other creatures who practice self decoration. I just love this idea because I can continue with the same concepts of feminine stereotypes and self-decoration but I can do new things with my aesthetic and new color palettes, forms, and patterns can emerge. So I did some research  and found this little insect called the caddis fly and guess what its larvae does?

For self protection, they cover themselves with gravel, twigs, even shells they find. I also found out about this artist, Herbert Duprat who took these little guys and placed them in a controlled environment with gold leaf and precious stones and the result is wonderful:

Images credited to Herbert Duprat

images credited to Herbert Duprat
So I hope you guys are ready for a new series: "Caddis." More details to come.

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