Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three Big Paintings

So I mostly enjoy working small, but with larger surfaces to work on, I feel less inhibited to just add tons of stuff, multiple areas of pattern, all that good stuff. I also think for the most part, big paintings are more impressive in scale and they invite the viewer to come a little closer and really study all the marks you have made. I recently painted a few small babies, but these three are what I'm really interested in right now. They take up a whole lot of space in the studio and are therefore pretty difficult to photograph, but that won't be as important until they are finished. For now, this is what you get. The top two photos are of Decorators, but the bottom one is going to be a simple seascape sticking with the more blue/green palette. This one will be more experimental with different ways of paint handling than my simple layered flatness. I want to leave a lot of that toned background showing through and I also want to scratch in to the paint in a few areas, maybe try out some oil glazing on top.

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