Sunday, January 20, 2013

Studio Clean-up

 After Christmas, we had decided to stick all our decorations and clothes to be unpacked wherever there was space. Sadly, that resulted in us throwing everything in a big pile in our studio and forgetting it for a while.


Sad, right? So this weekend, we took action. We started by removing all the Christmas stuff and packing it up for closet disposal. Then we sorted through clothes and put them away. I then decided I was tired of the big gray/black plastic bookshelf. It made everything seem dark and dull in there, so we took all the books and knickknacks off and chose a light blue color to paint it. Then the rest of the time was spent painstakingly organizing as much as we could and making this space a place we could gladly spend tons of time in. Below are the fruits of our efforts. Enjoy, m'dears!


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