Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Success at Unveil South Main

        What a night! Thanks to all who helped make this show so splendid for me. Thank you to my grandma Momo for the delicious shrimp antipasta and Pinot Grigio for the opening and to Mom for her ceaseless loyalty during the stressful day of hanging where I showed just how koo-koo I get under pressure and to the lovely ladies of Muse, who let me take over their store and offered tons of help putting the show together nicely and keeping things replenished and people happy during the opening. And of course I must thank Eric for his mad designated driver skills which allowed me to partake of as much free wine as I could hold without completely embarrassing myself.

Thanks to the strangers with cameras who photographed me in front of my largest painting and to fellow artist, Betsy Bird, whose kind words about my paintings filled my heart with crazy joy. I wish I knew the names of everyone who came out so I could thank them too. It was a blast. Looking forward to the next one!

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