Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Batman Christmas Decor

This Saturday, Eric and I are throwing our first Christmas party and we decided to do something a little special. This isn't going to be just any regular Christmas party, you see. This one will also celebrate our love for the dark knight himself, Batman! Here are some of the little projects we've been doing in preparation of this shindig:

Little bats with little hats

Christmas bats!!

Hand drawn place cards for the food

Christmas cards the guests will leave with

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Music to Make Painting Love To 12-6-12

While I enjoy these songs a lot, they're just among the ones I happen to be listening to in the studio tonight. Hope you enjoy 'em too.

"No One Does it Like You" by Department of Eagles

"Fade into You" by Mazzy Star

"The Gardener" by The Tallest Man on Earth

A Bit of My Process

When I'm ready to go in my studio and paint, I won't begin until I have something to drink (today it's ice water) and some music playing on Pandora (I had Fade into You by Mazzy Star trapped in my head all day, so I decided to tune it to their artist station). I need a water cup filled halfway and a primed surface ready to push paint around on. I normally prime my raw canvas with a little of a certain color mixed into my gesso.
    For this piece in particular, I sketched out a very basic (and slightly inaccurate) profile silhouette in a pastel pink. With my Decorators, I have been afraid to address things like hair and suggesting value and contrast and placing my oceanic forms in a way that would make sense with the shape and contours of a human face. So I'm going to try to work through those things this time around. 

My first shape was of coral. I placed it so that it is suggestive of hair crowning the skull. The layer of paint is thin, so another layer or two is needed to flatten it up. I then added the shape of full lips but with my signature tentacle things emerging from the mouth. Two strokes of paint are starting to define the area of the nose.

I decided to make this figure's eye very Cleopatra. Long lashes will later be added to that area. I used the same color to add a nostril and a couple round ovals along the chin.

Next I mixed a light peach color and painted a collected area of circles and went back over the mouth tentacle flaps. The background is starting here.

Here I added the eye (shaped like a crab's of course) and stuck on a couple of coral pieces while my brush was wet with that particular shade. 

More images are to come, but this gives you a rough idea of how I think during the opening stages of a Decorator painting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Success at Unveil South Main

        What a night! Thanks to all who helped make this show so splendid for me. Thank you to my grandma Momo for the delicious shrimp antipasta and Pinot Grigio for the opening and to Mom for her ceaseless loyalty during the stressful day of hanging where I showed just how koo-koo I get under pressure and to the lovely ladies of Muse, who let me take over their store and offered tons of help putting the show together nicely and keeping things replenished and people happy during the opening. And of course I must thank Eric for his mad designated driver skills which allowed me to partake of as much free wine as I could hold without completely embarrassing myself.

Thanks to the strangers with cameras who photographed me in front of my largest painting and to fellow artist, Betsy Bird, whose kind words about my paintings filled my heart with crazy joy. I wish I knew the names of everyone who came out so I could thank them too. It was a blast. Looking forward to the next one!