Sunday, October 14, 2012


Here is my largest "Alaska" piece entitled, "Melt." I decided to try mixing up the scale of the forms and making the black stripes a chevron pattern in a few areas. I'd like to maybe go back in and thicken up a few more areas and maybe put in some subtle variations in the white background area. I also think I should break down the shapes of some of the larger planes. This is one of those pieces I am going to stay away from until I make up my mind about it. Consider this image a progression to be finished another day.

Chloe York "Melt" Acrylic on Canvas 3'x4' 2012 IN PROGRESS

I also completed "The Decorator XIII" last night. But I won't be so forthcoming with an image of it. You can see it at the Unveil South Main opening, where it will look ridiculously better than a teensy pixellated image on your computer screen. 


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