Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Writing A Book

More or less. I'm writing it, but Eric is making up the story. It'll have that sort of generic quest in a mythical land formula, but with super cool and nasty monsters.

The Wendigo from the comic series, B.P.R.D.

Alice and the Mock Turtle

We also want to stay away from a lot of the cliches that frequent fantasy literature, especially the irksome idea that a whole other magical society  can exist right under our noses and all of its citizens know everything about humanity, but choose to keep themselves secret. Why? What's so wrong with humanity, fantasy land creatures? Nobody in the whole entire freaking universe knows about this superior magic race until some lucky protagonist comes along and finds out all about it and then the reader does too. No. I've had enough of that.

So our story will have that fantasy world, magic creatures living among us thing, but the catch is that the magical creatures don't know about humans either. The two universes are separate and completely oblivious to the other's existence. For the most part.



The main protagonists are brother and sister, Atticus and Eloise Taine. They are imaginative youths who spend their time playing in the woods behind their house and making up stories revolving around their small town's folklore and legends. Their favorite tale involves a cabin that supposedly exists somewhere deep in their woods. Something really awful happened there, but the story always changes with the teller. The two decide that they must find that cabin to know for themselves which of the horrible stories are true if any. After that, the real fun begins. In other words, the fantasy land full of cool monsters!!

The outline is still in progress, but I can tell you there will be kappas, a landscape that is constantly moving, mechanical maps, inter-dimensional travel, and the best part: detailed collaborative illustrations by Chloe York and Eric Quick!

Eric Quick "Eel"

We've been researching tons of myths and creatures from around the world and can't wait to incorporate as many as we can into our first novel. Based on what I've revealed here, would this be a story you might be interested in? Cause me, I'm writing the book I want to read.


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