Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I'm Reading Right Now

Upon my forcible induction into the realm of ugly and sadistic adulthood, I have found that I have less time to do what I used to love-reading books. Not blogs, not magazines, but actual tangible page-filled books. To me, reading and writing naturally go hand-in-hand with art-making. I'll spare you the cliches about the wonders of reading for pleasure you've no doubt been hearing forever and always and get right down to telling you what you should be checking out right now.

1. Wildwood
A collaboration of writer/musician Colin Meloy and his wife, the talented artist, Carson Ellis, this fantasy story takes place in the realm of Wildwood, which is situated in the wilderness just outside of Portland, Oregon. I am only about midway through this read, but I just love the characters so far. I think the dialogue of the kid characters is pretty spot-on. It's tricky to make dialogue in general come off as natural, but I think Meloy nailed it. And my god, those wonderful illustrations! Just look at that cover and tell me you're not completely drawn in:

The basic premise of this tale is that young Prue must venture forth to find her baby brother, who at the beginning of the story is kidnapped by a murder of crows. Pretty good stuff; go check it out, if only to gaze upon the pretty pictures.

2. Locke and Key

What, this sooo counts as a book! Soon after a friend of ours loaned us the first four collections of this wild, gritty, messed up series by horror fiction writer Joe Hill, I lost an entire day of just reading this addictive head trip. This graphic novel series is tragic, beautiful, hideous, and magic. The work of Gabriel Rodriguez brings visual decadence to Hill's fine story-telling. I love the medium of graphic novels. I love that you can glance at a page and just know a certain character, like the way they're dressed, what objects inhabit their surroundings, etc. I feel that if Hill were to have made this a standard novel, a lot of the wonderful characteristics of the setting and characters and actions would be lost. I mean, just try thinking of a way to write this scene without using any images:
My heart seriously broke a million times while I read this series. This is one of the best graphic novels out there today. But that's just like, my opinion man. 

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