Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Painting Vote

There is nothing better than a new canvas primed and ready to go. Eric and I put together this 3'x4' beauty yesterday and I am ready to mess it up.

 But I need your help in deciding what this painting should become and seeing how it's election season, I'd like for you to vote on what sort of painting this should be:

A. "The Decorator XIII"
B. "Melt" of the Alaska Series
C. an abstracted landscape
D. a giant "Stirrings" painting

You can email your vote to or simply give me your opinion in the comments section below. I want to know what you would like to see, because I like all these ideas. Let's get the conversation a'flowin'! I'll give this thing until Friday at 7:00 and whichever painting series has the most votes is what will be painted on this surface. Thanks a million!



  1. I think either B or C. I have really been enjoying your Alaska series. Or you could do option E, which is a painting for Jesse. Haha!

  2. Jesse, I think a big Alaska would be pretty cool too. I'm thinking I want to do a painting trade-off with you some time. I'd love one of your watercolor/oils but on a larger scale or I could always choose from what you already have. I dig your work.

  3. Replies
    1. Wow, that is something to consider. I'd probably just do it in the style of another "decorator." I'm trying to get a more cohesive body of work going stylistically speaking. The self-portraiture concept is definitely sounding good to me either way. Thank you for suggesting it

  4. you might have already started one, but I vote for another alaska one. maybe with more subtle color shifts? And maybe some varnish?

  5. Hmm looks like Alaska it is. Good suggestions for improvement, Evan!