Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And So On...

Got another couple of "Stirrings" done tonight and tweaked a decent little statement about why I do them: "I am interested in the way the strings move, how the aesthetic is constantly shifting and the piece changes, much like oceanic organisms being stirred by currents." It will do. To see the rest of this series, just open the tab near the top called Stirrings Series. 

Chloe York "Stirrings IV" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012

Chloe York "Stirrings V" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012

I was also getting a little tired of my decorator people portraits and decided to do another in profile rather than straight-on. I think in this way, the viewer is better able to objectify the subject/figure and give it less agency, which is something that aids in my idea. It looks like a bald Pringles man Mario  thing right now, but you get the gist.

a new "Decorator" in Progress

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