Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Painting Vote

There is nothing better than a new canvas primed and ready to go. Eric and I put together this 3'x4' beauty yesterday and I am ready to mess it up.

 But I need your help in deciding what this painting should become and seeing how it's election season, I'd like for you to vote on what sort of painting this should be:

A. "The Decorator XIII"
B. "Melt" of the Alaska Series
C. an abstracted landscape
D. a giant "Stirrings" painting

You can email your vote to or simply give me your opinion in the comments section below. I want to know what you would like to see, because I like all these ideas. Let's get the conversation a'flowin'! I'll give this thing until Friday at 7:00 and whichever painting series has the most votes is what will be painted on this surface. Thanks a million!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And So On...

Got another couple of "Stirrings" done tonight and tweaked a decent little statement about why I do them: "I am interested in the way the strings move, how the aesthetic is constantly shifting and the piece changes, much like oceanic organisms being stirred by currents." It will do. To see the rest of this series, just open the tab near the top called Stirrings Series. 

Chloe York "Stirrings IV" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012

Chloe York "Stirrings V" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012

I was also getting a little tired of my decorator people portraits and decided to do another in profile rather than straight-on. I think in this way, the viewer is better able to objectify the subject/figure and give it less agency, which is something that aids in my idea. It looks like a bald Pringles man Mario  thing right now, but you get the gist.

a new "Decorator" in Progress

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New "Stirring"

Remember this? 

Well, I'm making more of them. Here's how they look so far:

The "Stirrings" in progress

 I managed to finish two and here they are:
Chloe York "Stirring II" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012
Chloe York "Stirring III" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 6"x6" 2012

Whoa, Something Great!

Looks like I am to be a featured artist on The Electric Beef October 31st! I know it's not customary to receive gifts on Halloween, but um...

Look for it on their site next month and check in to see all the other talented artists featured on their site.

It was super easy to submit and they are always taking submissions for artists to showcase their work on their site. Give it a shot! How to Submit I must also add that the staff are incredibly nice and replied to my email message in a timely manner. Have a wonderful day, compadres!


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Finished this a couple days ago as part of my Alaska series. It's a different size than the others; I wanted to see how this work would look larger. To see more of this and my other works, simply go back to the home page and click on the tabs near the top underneath the blog title. Have a good day. Maybe I'll see you at the Cooper Young Fest this afternoon. MCA Community Education got a booth and we're going to be making adorable puppets with the kids. 
Chloe York "Float" Acrylic on Canvas 20"x24" 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012


The St. Agnes show went pretty well. There were lots of talented artists showing, the food was great, little live band. We didn't stay the whole time and left about an hour in, but when we came back to collect my work, I noticed a wonderful sight-a tiny red dot on the label of "Hungry Machine." So I managed to sell one and get the art program at the St. Agnes school a little more funding. Bye bye, "Hungry Machine!" 

I definitely want to do this again next year, though I may sell out for a moment and make some more accessible work the next time around. Y'know, the kind that matches furniture. I'm shameless, really. A big thanks to the crew at St. Agnes for having my work in their fundraiser showcase.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I'm Reading Right Now

Upon my forcible induction into the realm of ugly and sadistic adulthood, I have found that I have less time to do what I used to love-reading books. Not blogs, not magazines, but actual tangible page-filled books. To me, reading and writing naturally go hand-in-hand with art-making. I'll spare you the cliches about the wonders of reading for pleasure you've no doubt been hearing forever and always and get right down to telling you what you should be checking out right now.

1. Wildwood
A collaboration of writer/musician Colin Meloy and his wife, the talented artist, Carson Ellis, this fantasy story takes place in the realm of Wildwood, which is situated in the wilderness just outside of Portland, Oregon. I am only about midway through this read, but I just love the characters so far. I think the dialogue of the kid characters is pretty spot-on. It's tricky to make dialogue in general come off as natural, but I think Meloy nailed it. And my god, those wonderful illustrations! Just look at that cover and tell me you're not completely drawn in:

The basic premise of this tale is that young Prue must venture forth to find her baby brother, who at the beginning of the story is kidnapped by a murder of crows. Pretty good stuff; go check it out, if only to gaze upon the pretty pictures.

2. Locke and Key

What, this sooo counts as a book! Soon after a friend of ours loaned us the first four collections of this wild, gritty, messed up series by horror fiction writer Joe Hill, I lost an entire day of just reading this addictive head trip. This graphic novel series is tragic, beautiful, hideous, and magic. The work of Gabriel Rodriguez brings visual decadence to Hill's fine story-telling. I love the medium of graphic novels. I love that you can glance at a page and just know a certain character, like the way they're dressed, what objects inhabit their surroundings, etc. I feel that if Hill were to have made this a standard novel, a lot of the wonderful characteristics of the setting and characters and actions would be lost. I mean, just try thinking of a way to write this scene without using any images:
My heart seriously broke a million times while I read this series. This is one of the best graphic novels out there today. But that's just like, my opinion man. 

Quickie Fernando Botero style painting

See, this right here is why you'll never catch me painting realistic portraits. It just ain't gonna happen. I was pretty stoked to copy a photo of my mom and little brother and Botero the crud out of it for a workshop on the artist I was almost able to teach. For those of you who don't know, Fernando Botero is famous for his stylized figures which he blows up and then accentuates their volume. It's too bad the workshop had to be cancelled because this is one fantastic demo.

My little fam-damily...
You done been Botero-ed!

Awful. Just so bad. But I can't look away...



I think my figures could have been bigger...

Call to Memphis Artists

Click here for more information and a submission form. Good luck!

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Microcosm" is Ready for Submission

My Love the Leaf submission is ready for judgement. Fingers crossed that this will be hanging on the wall at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens next summer!

Chloe York "Microcosm" Acrylic on Canvas 2'x3' 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Stirrings" Series

Combination painting and string, this little guy marks the first of a new series I want to do entitled, "Stirrings." The idea is that these organic forms float around and have strings coming out of them. I admit I'm being full of it right now; there isn't a solid concept behind the use of the string yet, but it'll come to me all in good time.

Chloe York "Stirring 1" Acrylic and Thread on Canvas 8"x8" 2012


detail (this one is closest to the piece's true color)


Love the Leaf 9-6-12

Here is more progress of my "Love the Leaf" future entry.

Creative Allies

I am using this post to promote my darling man who recently entered this poster design on Creative Allies to be considered for use as Andrew Bird's official Break it Yourself tour poster. Show this talented lad some love and please vote for his design. Simply click on this link and hit 'vote'. What are you waiting for?

Eric Quick's design for consideration for Andrew Bird's Break it Yourself tour poster

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Eric Story

Eric the Monster Slayer Annihilates the Dreaded Abominable Snowman and Rides His New Sled
So the other day was a snow day and I wasn’t about to waste any time sleeping in. I leapt out of bed and grabbed my favorite red sweater, jeans, a flannel shirt, big green jacket, and my awesome fur lined gloves my grandpa got me for Christmas. They’re great for making snowballs ‘cause the outer lining keeps them pretty dry and there’s nothing worse than trying to play in the snow with wet, frost-bitten hands.
Even though I missed my dad since he was kidnapped by my arch nemesis Dr. Deathly and his evil radioactive monkeys, I was kind of glad he wouldn’t be joining me for sledding this year. I know it sounds bad, but I really wanted to ride on Murder Hill and if Dad was here, he would tell me I couldn’t. But it’s like, I kill monsters all the time; I think I can handle a stupid hill.
So after throwing on two layers of socks and a pair of rubber boots, I was ready to go. I found my mom downstairs in the living room, staring out the window at the white wonderland of awesomeness.
“How deep is it, Mom?”
She glanced absently at me. Oh no, she must be thinking about Dad getting
“Oh. I don’t know… The news said about three feet. That’s a whole lot of snow, baby. Are you wearing enough clothes? You know you can’t go out unless you can stay warm.”
“Mo-om, don’t call me ‘baby.’ I’m almost seven and a half now!”
She turned away and continued to stare sadly out the window, watching the tiny snowflakes still falling.
“So, Mom? I’ve got like five layers of clothes on. Can I go out now, please?”
The last thing I wanted to do was make her even more upset. I hate when she gets in these moods. I never know how to act or what to do to not make her feel worse. Sometimes I wish she’d do something to help me find Dad instead of just sitting around moping, but I guess she’s still in shock over everything. Besides, she doesn’t know enough about fighting monsters, so she’d probably just get in the way.
Finally! Outside and into the fluffy, white, wonderful snow! I dove into the closest snow pile and let out my most fearsome war cry as I dug like a mole through it, building it up to create my first snow fort of the season. I’d love to see any monsters get past my famous snow forts!
Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to try it out. Monsters don’t like snow, at least none that I’ve ever seen. Most of them hibernate and try to stay warm. Yet another reason to love the snow. No school and no monster slaying. Can’t beat that.
About an hour later, I was done with my fort and ready for some real action. I ran inside to grab my amazing new sled, yelling hi to my mom as I burst back through the door ten seconds after entering. At last, I’d get to brave Murder Hill.
Sled under my arm, I trudged through the thick snow, which was really tough-going since it was almost up to my armpits. I didn’t see many other people on my walk, but when I reached the park, there were tons of little kids sledding down the bunny slopes and Murder Hill had no takers. It was all mine. Sweet.
It took me forever to climb up that hill. It was on the far edge of the park, away from everyone and was bordered by some woods where I do a lot of hunting. It’s like Monster Central in there. But luckily, I didn’t have to worry about anything trying to attack me and interrupt my sled ride. Or so I thought…
When I finally got to the top of the hill, I was sweating and red-faced despite the cold, but it was so worth it. I was going to ride this thing and it was going to be amazing. I got my sled in just the right position and had barely placed one foot in before I heard a terrible guttural growl close behind me.
No way…
A beast with grayish white fur, yellow eyes, and a bloody mouth full of nasty jagged teeth was standing there on two legs watching me. And trust me, I know hungry looks, and this thing was hungry…
I quickly leapt into action, pulling my carefully concealed pocket knife out of my boot and rushing toward the snow beast. Nothing was about to keep me from riding down that hill, especially not some stupid monster I didn’t even know existed.
The creature met my challenge and rushed out to meet me and when it got closer, I realized I’d underestimated its size. It was way too big for me to fight hand to hand, but
luckily, I had an idea…
Just when the creature was close enough to grab me and pull me into its open jaws, I leapt aside quickly and threw myself into a soft snow bank. When I looked up a half-second later, the snow monster flew forward and landed square in my sled, which launched itself down the dangerously steep slope, taking the beast with it. I jumped up and peered over the edge as my sled carried the screaming creature down the hill faster and faster and faster. I watched in bittersweet relief as the sled and its evil passenger were thrown into the trunk of a large maple tree just near the bottom of the slope and the beast burst into ashes upon impact. I was terrified for my sled, but man, victory was sweet…
I inched down the hill on my butt carefully, desperate to see if my sled was okay. When the slope evened out a little bit and it was safe enough to stand up, I jogged over to my overturned sled and gingerly lifted it up. Besides being a little dusty with monster ashes, it was perfectly fine. A wide grin spread across my face and I looked up behind me at the hill that had helped me win my battle. After seeing what had happened to the snow beast, I was glad I hadn’t ridden down. My dad was right, that thing was dangerous.

My ride down the bunny hill was fantastic.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I Can Write a Little

I started these little mini-stories a few years back about a delusional little kid who fancies himself a slayer of all the demonous and drooly monsters out there. I named him Eric. I'm looking to get a collection of Eric the Monster Slayer stories together with illustrations fashioned after pulpy comic covers and 50's style movie posters. Here is one of those episodes for you to (hopefully) enjoy while I get going on some more painting progress to show you later. Here debuts:

Eric the Monster Slayer Destroys a Pack of Werewolves and Makes It Back Just in Time For Dinner
The other day was Saturday, my favorite day and monster-hunting prime time. I was sitting around in my room and reading some old Spawn comic my dad gave me before he was kidnapped by radioactive monkeys and I was getting really into it when I heard this awful, piercing howl. I threw my hands up and jumped to my feet. Werewolves!

“Eric!” called the food wench from downstairs. “Eric, your dinner’s almost ready! Wash your hands and straighten your room up a little bit before you come down, okay?”

Curses! Here I am, keeping the world safe from all the scourge of the planet, and she reduces my talents to simple cleaning? I’ve killed a minotaur, fifteen gremlins, about a thousand zombies, at least two dozen boogeymen, and all kinds of nasty things, but I refuse to clean my lair. I like it messy.


Aw man, they’re getting closer!

I hurriedly tied my cape around my neck, fastened on my mask, changed into my best running sneakers, and bolted down the steps, checking to be sure I had brought the special silver-plated arrows for my crossbow. In the kitchen, the smell of meat loaf stopped me in my tracks. Meat loaf is my favorite. But I knew arguing would get me no closer to saving the world or eating, so I decided to settle for a little negotiation. The wench turned from the oven and looked at me and saw my uniform and she knew I meant business.

“But Mo-om! There are werewolves outside. Can I kill them first and then clean my room?”

My mom’s really weird. Ever since Dad got kidnapped, whenever I ask her if I can do stuff, she always looks over at this photo of their wedding she keeps on our mantel and almost always tells me yes.

“Yeah, Eric. You can go outside and play. But just a few minutes, alright?”


I ran out of the kitchen and to the front door, the delicious scent of meat loaf and potatoes following me.

“Oh, and Eric?” yelled the wench as my hand grasped the doorknob.


“Better hurry before the food gets cold…”

Oh man, she is good. I had no time to lose. I did one last check of my inventory: Crossbow with arrows. Check. Cool black mask to protect my identity. Check. Comfy shoes. Check. Awesome cape. Double check. Now out the front door and time to kick some butt!

Upon emerging outside, I did a quick survey of my surroundings. The sun was going down, but there were still little kids riding around on their bikes, no parents in sight. Excellent bait. They were just asking to be eaten. But only I seemed to know how many dangerous creatures lived out here and fed on little brats just like these. Me and my dad of course. We used to fight monsters together and he taught me everything I know. But ever since he was kidnapped, until I rescue him, the responsibility of protecting the world has fallen to me. And I am really good at it.

I strained my ears for any sign of the enemy, but the only sounds were some birds and the stupid kids laughing and playing. Maybe I’d just imagined the howling…
I thought about turning around and going back inside to the meat loaf, but what if there really were werewolves? Those little bicycle kids would be as good as meat loaf to those monsters if I wasn’t around to stop them. And then Dad would be disappointed in me and I might never find him…


And there they were; three of the meanest, drooliest, toughest wolf-men I’d ever seen. They were watching the little bite-size babies from behind some tall hedges, their fangs gleaming and eyes filled with hunger. It was like slow motion as I watched them lunge to attack and that’s when I broke out of my thoughts and aimed my crossbow at the biggest one, probably the alpha of the pack.

I almost missed my shot when the creature grabbed up a little blonde boy and tossed him off his bike. Blast! I was hoping to leave the children out of this battle.

The next instant, my arrow hit the creature in the heart and it let out one weak little grunt before crashing to the ground and bursting into ashes. The other two beasts watched as their leader fell and turned in my direction as I prepared for another shot. Now they were charging toward me at full speed and the children were watching in suspense, along with their parents, who had finally decided to pay attention to their brats long enough to get them inside safely.

“Don’t worry, I got ‘em!” I said to the bystanders, aiming at the closer of the two wolves. The arrow punctured his shoulder, missing his heart by an inch, but it still slowed
him down enough for me to re-load and dispatch the other. Yes! Another direct hit. A cloud of ash erupted across the lawn a few feet in front of me and through the opaque mist, the last beast came charging at me, my arrow still in its shoulder. Just as I loaded the crossbow, I backed up for my shot, lost my footing, and fell into a shrub, sending my only weapon sailing across the yard. Crap!

Across the lawn, the werewolf was getting closer, its large clawed hands becoming more and more menacing. I struggled frantically to my feet, but something was caught. Stupid cape! I tugged at it with all my might, but stopped when I saw that the beast was closing in. It lunged at full speed, murder in its horrible yellow eyes and as its jaws opened, I knew this was the end. No more killing monsters and saving the world, no more scary movies and comic books, and Dad would forever remain a captive to the mad scientist Dr. Deathly and his radioactive monkey goons.

As the wolf-man raised a claw to deliver the death blow, I leapt away from the hedge, tearing my cape, but I didn’t care. I just didn’t want to be killed, or even worse, become a werewolf myself.

The hulking creature stayed on my heels, swiping at me again and again. I knew it would be suicide to turn around and try to fight with my bare hands. If only I had- the crossbow! There it was, lying just three feet in front of me. Victory was mine! In one fluid motion, I snatched up the weapon, twisted around, and pulled the trigger, sending the arrow straight between the beast’s eyes.

A third cloud of dust swirled about me and I did a little victory dance for the benefit of all the- hey! Where did all those innocent bystanders go? And those kids? I couldn’t believe they didn’t stick around and watch me kill the werewolves… Sometimes it really bothers me that nobody ever seems to be around to see me kill stuff. I tell Mom I do it, but she never seems to care. I guess maybe it’s better that nobody knows. Superheroes never tell.

I never had a better plate of meatloaf.