Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Caden

I'm getting homesick and I miss my squishy baby nephew. He's my little buddy and he probably has no idea who I am because I only get to see him when I'm home. I hope he grows up liking art because I will teach him well. Eric and I are in no way thinking about having kids at the moment, but it's hard to see babies this cute and not want one of own someday.

You're a little kid whose favorite word is "uh-oh."

My little brother is your dad and my mom is your super cool grandma. You are small and cute now, but you are ferociously good at walking as well as throwing things.
I force hugs and kisses on you and sometimes we dance party. You have a pretty mom who does everything for you and a dad who loves you dearly. That must be why you smile all the time.
 I did this painting for you before you were born. It hangs in your nursery over the changing table. I hope it gives you happy thoughts.

It is sad not being able to see my family every day and I have to miss out on hanging with you while you're still a mini-human. I love you, little one. Stay cool.

Aunt Chloe and Uncle Eric
Stuck here in Memphis

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