Saturday, August 4, 2012

Alaska Series

For our honeymoon, we took a cruise to Alaska where we ate like kings and explored gorgeous landscapes that will act as inspiration for a new series of works aptly named The Alaska Series. I'll post some photos we took on the trip all in good time, but I'm excited to unveil painting numero uno of said series completed just minutes ago.

in progress

progress shot detail

progress shot detail
This all came together rather quickly. I sketched out some forms, researched cool green and blue color palettes, and went to painting the thing. I decided to use a little more texture than I usually do, but mostly I was thinking about layering and keeping the palette minimal. I was very reluctant not to paint the entire canvas and leave all that white, but I think it works. I plan on making my compositions and colors for the rest of this series pretty similar but also pull from native Alaskan art we encountered on the trip. Thoughts?

Chloe York "Glacial" Acrylic on Canvas 12"x12" 2012

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