Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bum Canvas and Progression Shot

Last semester, I decided to do a 3-D painting using canvas stretched over a papasan chair frame and I for whatever reason neglected to take any good photos of said piece. It was alright, but it ended up looking too much like a big green turtle shell and took up way too much space, so in the end, I tossed it. I did however, save the painted canvas and decided to stretch it over some standard frames to make new paintings. The result...could have been better.

My workstation, the stretched pre-painted canvas on the left

I could not get the wrinkles out...

I like the painting, but I need to figure out how to make it lie flat against the frame.

Then I ran out of staples.

So I decided to make a painting based on the previous composition

I was thinking about cellular structures. I like the idea that these amazing shapes and forms can't be seen  with the naked eye as well as the vibrant colors that accompany photographs of cells and microscopic organisms. I plan on keeping the palette mostly cool colors but with a touch of unnatural vibrancy and of course circles everywhere. 

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