Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 Days Before the Big Day

Well here it comes, m'dears. The home stretch. After working an exhausting art camp for kids this past week, Eric and I are forced to hit the ground running. Rather than sleep in like we wanted, we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to pick his car up from the shop and then we're heading to his hometown to get things in order for our great adventure. THEN we have to travel back to Memphis, pack some more things, and go to Kentucky for the stag parties, showers, dinner plans, and then the mother of all days-the wedding!

So with that in mind, it will probably really be a while before I am able to post anything new or exciting (not that my last post was particularly grand-just thought that snail was pretty). In two weeks, Eric and I will be in Alaska checking out galleries and hiking in the woods with bears and eagles. So yeah, keep checking in. I'll see you in a few weeks!

Chloe (still York)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I want this snail!

My Monster Painting and My Lovely Mom

Bum Canvas and Progression Shot

Last semester, I decided to do a 3-D painting using canvas stretched over a papasan chair frame and I for whatever reason neglected to take any good photos of said piece. It was alright, but it ended up looking too much like a big green turtle shell and took up way too much space, so in the end, I tossed it. I did however, save the painted canvas and decided to stretch it over some standard frames to make new paintings. The result...could have been better.

My workstation, the stretched pre-painted canvas on the left

I could not get the wrinkles out...

I like the painting, but I need to figure out how to make it lie flat against the frame.

Then I ran out of staples.

So I decided to make a painting based on the previous composition

I was thinking about cellular structures. I like the idea that these amazing shapes and forms can't be seen  with the naked eye as well as the vibrant colors that accompany photographs of cells and microscopic organisms. I plan on keeping the palette mostly cool colors but with a touch of unnatural vibrancy and of course circles everywhere. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I should have done this sooner, but look directly underneath my header image (right above the blog posts) and you'll see some links that will take you directly to helpful pages including my general artist statement, CV, and most of my painting portfolio. Be sure to check them out while you're here. Enjoy :)


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lookit what I finished

Chloe York "The Decorator XI" Acrylic on Panel 3'x4' 2012

Post-Shower Madness

While I know how blessed I am to have received so much wonderful swag including this awesome new rug, blue glass lamps, and a freakin silver lobster, the apartment is now in total disarray. I do recognize the irony that right after making that statement, I place an image of a perfectly clean room directly after. Let me just say that "total disarray" to me means a few scattered messy piles throughout a space that must be cleaned post haste. Scoff all you want. I'm not normal.

Oh man, look at all those orbs! The only clean room in the place be haunted.

It's life-size!

Just look at our thank-you note station.


I hate being so anal about organization. Things would be so much easier if I didn't care so much. But seriously, I need for all this mess to just be gone. This will be my day today. Getting my stuff in some sort of aesthetically pleasing arrangement. I think I should have a yard sale. Just get rid of some things. 





Misato Suzuki

One of my favorite painters and a huge source of inspiration. Here is Misato Suzuki. Visit her website.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hillywood Show

These two sisters make well-done Youtube videos parodying popular movies like the Twilight franchise, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I'm especially impressed by the costumes and the way the characters actually do look similar to the ones they are mocking. They're silly and a lot of fun. And apparently, the money they get to make these videos comes from fan donations. That could be something to think about if I ever decide to break away from standard paintings for a while and make some installation work. It's rather hard to make bigger works with my limited amount of studio space... But yeah, watch these videos. They're a blast.

Harry Potter (Hilly in costume)

Bella (same chick in costume)

Caesar Flickerman (SAME chick in costume)


I think my wedding planning posts are too mushy. Here's Han Solo.

Wedding Shower

The reason I haven't posted anything in a long time may be related to the fact that my wedding is now a mere 18 days away (eeeeee) and Eric and I still have tons of work to do. We also went away to his hometown this weekend for a wonderful shower party just for us. I always loathe being the center of attention and avoid overtly social situations at all costs, but the party was very nice and Eric's family and friends were so ridiculously kind that I really didn't feel all that awkward. Friends of his mom's did all of the prep work-decorating, cooking, getting food and drinks together and my word, it was beautiful. Such a wonderful (if awkward for me) experience for Eric and I. I'm so stoked to become a part of his family.