Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finalized Wedding Invitation Design

I feel so overcome with joy about how awesome my man is. It's like the best combination of all time: me, the painter and Eric, the sculptor. I always sort of fantasized about living with an artist and spending time making work together, visiting galleries, and getting into exhibitions, and I got my wish! And it doesn't hurt that he's cute either. Just look how disgustingly adorable we are!

Photo shoots are the most awkward things invented. I pretty much just cracked up the entire time out of nervousness.
Now allow me to dispense with the icky mushy romantic junk and show you how our invitations turned out.

We finally managed to get these printed and mailed a few weeks ago and I just adore them! I've left out the information, which is placed in the center of the design because sadly, I can't invite all of you wonderful readers...

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  1. Chloe, so excited for yourself & Eric & the whole family ! Delighted to get my invitation ! Hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart & if we win the lottery we'll be there !!X x x