Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apartment Peek

I'm pretty proud of my new digs and wanted to show it off here. Because I work from home, I feel inclined to surround myself with inspiring things that influence me. It's difficult for me not to hoard a bunch of trinkets and I've actually made a few paintings about my weird fascination for material things. These two for example:

So here is what my apartment looks like. Mind you, this is a collaborative effort, I share this apartment with sculptor, Eric Quick who luckily has a keen eye for decorating. Enjoy..

Front entryway. That painting there be mine.

This funky little window exists in the front entryway and gives a direct view into the dining area. Here are two of Eric's sculptures that rest in the nook.

Kitchen countertop 
Coffee table by Eric Quick
the coolest posters ever and side table by Eric Quick

Living room with some of my paintings on the wall and original coffeetable constructed by Eric

We eat here

Bedroom with unfinished lamp 

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