Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Possible Donation

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens is hosting a fundraising event called Art on Fire this October to help their outstanding educational programs and I was asked to donate a piece to be auctioned off at said event. I'm so excited for this opportunity to give back to the community with my work. Because I have been selling/giving away so many paintings, I have been working hard to make a new series so that I can start applying to more galleries, and I decided to donate this bad boy. I'm pretty sad to see it go, but I'm glad it's for a good cause. Note: I call this a "possible" donation because I may change my mind and  decide to create a different, more accessible painting to give to the Dixon, but this is my decision for now.

Chloe York "Shifty-Eyed" Acrylic on Canvas 2'x2'
Update: I dropped the piece off today, making this THE donation. I wonder how much it will end up selling for...

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