Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

I signed up for a spot at MCA's Career Day and decided to do something a little special as far as packets for my potential employers to leave with, something that will hopefully get me remembered. I purchased these folders for about 40 cents each at Office Max. They came in all kinds of fun colors and came to life with a nice paint job.

Likewise, I made a little business card holder out of a plain soap dish from a thrift store. I plan on making a few incisions on the inner flap of each folder to serve as a little holder for a business card. The folders will contain a CD-R disc with my portfolio, a copy of my most recent resume, and my artist statement. This will be a good take-away for both gallery representatives and educational institutions. I desperately wish to become a full-time art teacher, so hopefully a few schools will be there looking for me :) 

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