Monday, April 30, 2012

On Loan, Baybay!

So here's some exciting news. Memphis College of Art's President Ron Jones has recently selected this painting to adorn a wall of his office from now till December:

Okay, so I know I've posted this images tons of times, but it's simply my favorite piece. I'll have more paintings up soon, I pinky swear!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

I signed up for a spot at MCA's Career Day and decided to do something a little special as far as packets for my potential employers to leave with, something that will hopefully get me remembered. I purchased these folders for about 40 cents each at Office Max. They came in all kinds of fun colors and came to life with a nice paint job.

Likewise, I made a little business card holder out of a plain soap dish from a thrift store. I plan on making a few incisions on the inner flap of each folder to serve as a little holder for a business card. The folders will contain a CD-R disc with my portfolio, a copy of my most recent resume, and my artist statement. This will be a good take-away for both gallery representatives and educational institutions. I desperately wish to become a full-time art teacher, so hopefully a few schools will be there looking for me :) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show Openings this Friday

BFA Show #2 at the Memphis College of Art 

MFA Thesis Exhibition at MCA's Graduate Center 

More Work Sold and New Show

As the time for my show at Java Cabana draws to a regrettable close, I have found a new temporary venue for a few of my pieces. I received a call yesterday from a local Memphis artist, Paul Edelstein who runs a gallery space in town and he made an offer for six of my paintings to put in a group exhibition in his space. Pretty exciting, though I probably should have gone higher on my prices. But I'd say exposure is its own reward, no? The show opens this Friday at the Paul Edelstein gallery.




Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kim Keever

I love these photos. Yes, these are photos. This guy, Kim Keever makes these elaborate dioramas in aquariums and puts in lots of watered down pigments to make them more atmospheric. These landscapes are awesome and I had to share, mostly due to the initial mystery of whether or not these are paintings.

Also, these remind me of my portraits. So creepy.

More Art Gone Forever

From my possession anyway... These two pieces are now taken, sure to be placed in good homes. One such owner is an adorable toddler who received this piece for her birthday. What's even more adorable is that the painting is taller than she is!

I have to say goodbye to this one as well. Goodbye, you space sucking monsters, you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before and After: A Collaboration Love Story

What has been lovingly referred to by my studio peers as "that Cheerio painting," obtains new life at the hands of Jesse NabersStephanie Kern, and Magyn Darmstaedter

Old One

I did this last year for a commission and just stumbled onto the one photograph I took of it before I gave it to its owner. I'm pretty fond of it. I'm thinking one of these would be cool but with a sculptural decorator crab person popping out.


So begins the saga of my most tedious undertaking yet. Forget those detailed, pattern-all-over-the-place, meditative paintings that command my sleepless nights; this is stop-motion animation. We're talking about being trapped alone in a dark room for hours and hours on end, being fortunate to produce mere seconds of footage and being even more fortunate if any of it is useable.

I'm expecting to become this creature by graduation after emerging from the animation studio. And no,  I'm not referring to the sexy dame in the red dress. 

Any-who, here is my character as a baby.

It should look whiter than it is; here it looks really pink. As with tadpole rules, he will soon sprout legs and arms and grow into this humanoid, androgynous thing that will end up looking like this by the end of the film:

The background and environment for my film is due to be finished by Friday, so stay tuned for more!


These pieces were picked up by two gorgeous friends of mine on opening night of "Optical Assault." The bottom painting is one of my favorites, so I'm glad it gets to go to a good home. Yeah, I personify my pieces, what of it? 


Sure am gonna miss you guys....

Show is up ANOTHER Month

Lovely and most diligent reader of my art blog,

It's not too late! You may in fact have an opportunity to view some of my most recent work in person. Go and see for yourself, dear reader. Nice to look at and also very affordable paintings of weird and colorful patterns floating around devoid of any light source. Hmm, that almost sounded like an artist statement. Anyway, "Optical Assault" is up at Java Cabana Coffeehouse until the end of April. Go buy some coffee and get your mind blown.


Monday, April 2, 2012