Friday, March 23, 2012

New Way of Thinking and Painting

This post is about my recent experiments. They're not great, but it is fun to play around with variations in thickness and drawing into the paint to create new shapes. I also did one in a neutral color palette, but I think I can't get away from my love of bright colors.

Many apologies for the glare.

Painting on Fabric

Inspiration for this one came from the "Chloe Jr." painting


  1. I love these paintings. Especially the last two in the post. I have been admiring them a lot up in the studio. I also think it's fantastic that you were inspired by our collaboration. I made a piece inspired by that as well. We should do that more often! I think it really opened up my color palette.

  2. If I drop the big blue one on fabric (second image down) in your studio, would you do something to it? Also, your fabric painting is delicious! Keep making those please.

  3. Yeah sure! Bring it on by. Is it acrylic? And thank you very much :)