Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nashville Trip

       On Monday, I was able to travel to Nashville for a mini-vay. I feel compelled to talk about this wonderful show we saw and was kind of the reason for us going in the first place, not to mention the sweet Andrew Bird concert we saw later in the evening. The art show to which I am referring is called "Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination" and took place on the second floor of the Frist Center, an art museum placed in a renovated post office. I only knew a few of the artists that were in the show before we went (like those fantastic life-like sculptures by Patricia Piccinini), but I was amazed and excited to see works by Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Inka Essenhigh, Allison Shulnik, and Yinka Shonibare, whom I was already familiar with, but had never actually seen an original piece by any of them.                                  
      The exhibition had paintings, sculptures, video, and photography and I was blown away by how well all the artists' themes and pieces tied together. I wish they'd been able to snag one of Shulnik's paintings. Her animation was nice, but I could watch that anytime. It would be awesome to see one of her paintings in person and check out the texture and paint-handling, but oh well. I had a great time checking out the freaky and deliciously grotesque imagery by such great artists. Here, see for yourself how great it is in this video or better yet, go see this in person.

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