Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet Stiffy

I did not take this photo, but it looks just like him!
This is a creepy, broken ventriloquist dummy I found at an antique shop on Summer Ave. I decided to be tacky and name him Stiffy and unfortunately, the name stuck. Huh. Spell check says "stiffy" isn't a word and tried to autocorrect it to say "stuffy" just now. Anyway, look what I did to him!

Now he's a decorator crab dummy. Hopefully, contrary to popular belief, ventriloquist dummies and dolls harbor no ill will against those who mistreat them and Stiffy won't come after me for revenge armed with a butcher knife. 

I'm not having a whole lot of luck getting those baked Sculpy forms to stay on his plastic head and completing the painting job is going to be nightmarish, but I'm excited to see this through. Thanks for taking one for the team, Stiffy!

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