Friday, March 23, 2012

Le Bonheur Commission

So the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is renovating a new research wing and they partnered up with MCA's Give Back Work Study program to enlist the talents of a few students in decorating the wing with sculptures and paintings inspired by what the hospital does. I decided to do my piece about neurons in the brain. I was glad to be able to emulate the forms of neurons while still maintaining an aesthetic I'm used to. The pattern work isn't bad either. The image shown below is a work in progress, so stay tuned for updates. Did I mention I'm getting paid to paint this? I sure love making a living on art-makin'!


  1. I like this painting! The colors are great and your use of pattern creates an interesting since of abstract depth. Whats the size on this one?

  2. Thanks, Joshua! It's about 3'x4' on panel. I should probably indicate the dimensions on all the images I post here...