Monday, March 26, 2012

Dwayne Butcher: The Politics of Inclusion

When I went to the David Lusk Gallery to check out this show last week, I was confused by the Robert Rector pieces in the front room and believed Butcher’s show to have passed and cursed myself for not attending his opening reception. However, after moseying past the decorative Rector paintings, I finally noticed Butcher’s show nestled in the back space of the building. 

Robert Rector
I liked the inclusion of both video art and painting, which were tied together thematically by humorous text. One of my biggest flaws when checking out a show is that I don’t often take the time to pause at video setups to watch films. I usually get frustrated when I catch them right in the middle and don’t get the chance to watch from beginning to end, so I just glance and then leave. But the films consisting of text against colored grounds made me stop in my tracks. I can’t recall ever laughing out loud in a quiet gallery before. I just love Butcher’s sense of humor and his way of poking fun at the art market (as shown below) and found his "Letters" hysterical.

Dwayne's "Letters" in progress

Overall, very refreshing stuff that thinks outside the normal conceptual painting style and is art that, quite literally, says something.

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