Thursday, February 2, 2012

Need a Face Painter?

This is me. Painting on people. See how invested I am in my performance? I am one dandy painter of flowers, stars, initials, cute animals, and hearts on peoples' flesh. [That may be because I paint all the time anyway, but I digress.] 

 I got to work with these adorable ladies. Face (and arm, as indicated by this photo) painting is great. One of the highest art forms, in my humble opinion. 

When was the last time you acted as a human painting surface; that is, allowed someone to paint on you?  I'd suggest giving it a go in the near future. Face painters are excellent for birthday parties and other celebrations. Kids love it!  

Note: I forget the point in creating this post. I make a little extra money now and again cleaning houses and I may have inadvertently inhaled some bleach fumes earlier, so this post probably has no point at all other than an attempt at shameless self-promotion. Mostly I just lack images of me working and thought this was a pretty good example, although I wish I had captured a few photos of the paintings themselves while I was at it. 

Also, I plan on posting some photos of my newest creations and a look at my studio, so keep checking in. And if you read this and are thinking to yourself: Hmm, I could sure use a face painter for my next event, then by all means, send me a message! 

I apologize if this post was as boring as I feel it must be.

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