Tuesday, February 14, 2012

3-D Animation Set

Our first project in 3-D Animation is to team up and create a film using methods involving pixellation, working on a flat wall, and a light box. Our first method is pixellation, which is basically moving objects or people around in a space to achieve an animation effect.
Gorgeous, no?

We decided to make our characters two monsters that fight over food. This is the set we constructed. It looks pretty bad now, but on film, it looks rather convincing. You can kind of see my monster mask sitting there to the side. I constructed it out of fabric and wire, along with some gloved hands with claws. 

Marty setting up the tripod.

I thought I had the easy job since I don't have to film any of this first part, but having to sit perfectly still and only moving your body only slightly every time the camera takes a shot was painful. My legs are still asleep. But we got about ten-fifteen seconds of footage, which isn't bad for a few hour's work. I can't wait to film some more tonight!

My group consists of some major talent. 

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