Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decorator Crab Portrait

This is one of my pieces that I feel particularly strong about. Anybody who knows my work understands that figural rendering is not one of my strong suits. This was my solution to a portrait abstraction assignment I was given last semester. At the time, I was thinking a lot about my struggles with self-confidence, particularly with concern for my appearance and wanted to tackle the issue by comparing the process of beautfying myself with make up, clothing, and hair products to the practice of decorator crabs covering their bodies with pieces of their surroundings as a form of camouflage. As I illustrated in the post regarding the direction I see my work heading in, I want to expand on this comparison and spend more time on really detailing these pieces. I've found that my paintings are rather simple, like there isn't much going on in them to engage the viewer for longer than a few seconds and that's something I feel I need to address. This semester, I basically want to live in my studio and spend a lot more time on my paintings and make better color choices.

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