Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Robert Hollingsworth Talk

Last Thursday, Robert Hollingsworth was so kind as to take a moment out of his busy life at the David Lusk Gallery to talk with us about our packets we had submitted a few weeks ago. He was professionally dressed and confident, but also highly approachable. His advice was helpful, though in his criticism of my personal packet, I wish he had gone into further detail about how my work would be received by the patrons of Memphis and the gallery's clients. I also liked what he said about his desire to meet with artists he is interested in and spend some time in their studios and the advice he gave us about polite was also very nice. Rudeness will get you nowhere. Some of what he said about how limited their space is and how they can only take on so many artists to represent, was a little eye-openingly pessimistic for me. I had known of course about the politics of the comercial gallery, but not the part about being unable to change your personal body of work and knowing how to be careful when being represented by two different spaces and where most of your dedication should exist in that case. It makes me wonder when it is a good time for us as artists to settle into a comfortable niche and accept that the work we create that gets accepted and represented by a gallery as what we should keep on making, even if we don't find ourselves growing creatively or expressing what we want to because of it. I believe I will keep applying to galleries and submitting packets as my portfolio grows, but as far as actually being represented by a big comercial gallery space, I'm not holding my breath. Having him there to look at some of our work was also very nice. It is always helpful to get an outside perspective on things.

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