Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cara Tomlinson

I chose to attend this lecture instead of Carrie Mae Weems because I felt that it would be more useful to my practice as a painter and because I wanted to hear what Tomlinson had to say about her work, which I enjoy visually. Overall, I felt that she did an excellent job of maintaining a strong level of organization and coherency throughout the lecture; this is very difficult to do sometimes. It seems that no matter how prepared I am for a lecture when I have to give one, I always find myself leaving things out on accident or stating things at inopportune times that confuses what I'm trying to convey. Tomlinson didn't have this problem. She was evidently reading from prepared notes, but still maintained eye contact with the audience. I liked the way she set up her lecture as well, starting with early work and showing and describing how she reached the body of work she makes now, including a video installation and sculptures made of dried paint chips. To get back to her prepared notes, I almost feel as if they detracted a little from the candid-ness and conversationality that lectures are enjoyable for. I could have just read what she wrote and known enough, so it was almost like her presence wasn't all that necessary other than the fact that she was reading out loud and operating the slides. Maybe if her spoken language had been more conversational instead of dryly reading off ideas and statements from her notes, it would have been nicer, but as far as properly conveying an idea in the heat of the moment, notes are necessary.

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