Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     Of all the goals I wish to attain following my graduation from MCA, my primary one is to become a practicing art therapist either with a certain office or on my own. In order to make this happen, I plan on taking a year off before going to grad school in order to build up my portfolio, gain a bigger network, do grad school research, and take the amount of psychology courses which are the pre-requisites for the program I am interested in attending school for. In order to become an accredited art therapist, I will need a Master's degree specifically in art therapy and at one of the schools listed on the American  Art Therapy Association's website.                  
     Originally, I had intended to go into one of these programs right away, but was unaware of the required three psychology courses one must have in order to even be accepted to the right schools. Thankfully, I have taken an Intro to Psychology class at MCA and will be able to fit one more psych course into my schedule next semester before I graduate. I am also going to be doing an internship next semester at the Exchange Club Family Center, which is a place that offers programs to help end domestic violence and abuse. Though it isn't an art therapy position per se, I will be working with children who come from an unfavorable environment. I would be responsible for coming up with fun arts and crafts activities for them to do at the Exchange Club that could be used to better understand what the child is experiencing and the feelings they are having and offer solutions for change.

    My plan is to attend one more psychology class this summer at CBU or U of M while I teach classes in MCA's Summer Art Camp, intern somewhere (perhaps at the Exchange Club), work on my personal body of work, and get a steady job somewhere (I am not concerned about whether this will be an art-related job or not, just need a way to pay the bills). I will reside in Memphis and do all these things while figuring out which school for art therapy is the right one for me and then it will be a matter of searching for apartments in that area, finding a job, and working hard to get my Master's degree in Art Therapy which will hopefully lead to me starting up my career as an art therapist. This goal is rather short-term, but for now the future is too uncertain to think long-term. My long term goals would depend on what area I end up settling into, how I plan to utilize my MA, and other unforeseen factors.
However, within the next ten years, I would like to be married with mayyyybe one or two kids and my cat Buttercup in a house like this (but it must have a studio, of course!)

Wish me luck!!!

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