Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Lusk Gallery: Anne Siems and Wayne Edge

Anne Siems

Wayne Edge

    Upon entering the David Lusk Gallery beneath an enormous wooden arch built by Wayne Edge, the viewer is greeted with similar work: three-dimensional combinations of wood, broken pieces of pottery, pebbles, and other natural, presumably found objects held together by string and perhaps some other adhesive, all displayed as wall pieces (not unlike some of Greely Myatt's sculptures previously exhibited in the same space). I was impressed by these pieces in the way that the lengths of wood were composed and bent, expressive and gestural and well-crafted. However, a few pieces I was not as taken with were the more obviously representational ones that mimicked landscapes, particularly the one with green and blue paint applied to the wood to look like grass and sky. I found the natural, found object quality of them, as well as the more abstract way in which several were composed to be far more interesting than the more altered look of the added paint. 
    Moving to the back of the space were paintings by Anne Siems. I enjoyed her paintings on canvas very much and can't really think of too many negatives as far as the paintings themselves. However, in some instances, the surface quality of a few of the works on canvas bothered me. Some tiny areas on the flesh of the otherwise smooth and well-rendered portraits were a little more textured than others, but not in places that seemed intentional enough. Perhaps more texture could be added to the figures or they should remain completely smooth and flat all over. For me, the texture did work in the background and other areas, but not on the figures. Another big issue for me was the way her works on paper were displayed. In a gallery setting, I don't believe it looks as professional to use thumbtacks to hang your work, clear or not. I wish that these had been framed or in the very least, that they were tacked down on the bottom edges as well as the top so that the pieces wouldn't curl up. Overall, very good show and nice incorporation of two very different artists.

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