Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hypothetical Statement of Intent

Lately in my work, I have been focusing on the idea of solitude and meditation in the act of carefully covering a painting surface in multitudes of repeated patterns and forms. I now wish to bring this idea into the realm of sculpture. I intend to fill the space of Rust Hall at the Memphis College of Art with a vast medley of three-dimensional abstracted forms, covering the walls as well as parts of the ceiling and floor in ways that will not obstruct the gallery lights or make it impossible for people to walk through the gallery. The forms will be constructed from pieces of painted canvas and other fibers which will be sewn and stuffed to appear round and organic, varying in size from about three inches to two feet in diameter. The color palette will consist of vivid blues and greens as well as bright reds, imitating organic coral reefs and other oceanic forms and creatures. Most of the stuffed pieces will have painted, biotic-looking images on them, though a few will be made of found fabrics with similar color choices and pattern work. My intention is to install a space that is comfortably claustrophobic, a place of escapism and harmony. In this formidable, almost encroaching installation, I hope to instill the viewer with an experience similar to the relaxation I feel while painstakingly creating my pieces. I feel that with this space, the audience will be able to interact more and feel something that might not be as accessible in my two-dimensional pieces.

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