Monday, September 26, 2011

Hamlett Dobbins Artist Lecture and Talk

Last Thursday, artist and director of lectures and exhibitions at Rhodes College here in Memphis, Hamlett Dobbins, came to our Professional Practices class to give a lecture about his body of work and breaking into the art industry. He started off with his education and job and residency opportunities, adding some info about other artists along the way. Basically, we got a general overview of some tips about how we should market ourselves, good opportunities to apply for, and the importance of collaboration, which is something I feel I've been hearing a lot about recently and would like to get in on. Unfortunately, I was forced to leave toward the end of his talk due to a job meeting at the Civil Rights Museum, but I was able to stay long enough to get a feel for his presentation and what was accomplished. I found Dobbins to be an excellent public speaker and very personable, someone I would not have been intimidated to ask questions of. Though much of what was said was personal, I felt that it was relevant and necessary. It is easy enough to list a bunch of essentials for the emerging artist to know, but it is quite another thing when you see actual artists using these tips in their everyday lives and how it has made them successful. Had I been able to stay the entire time, some questions I would have asked are 1. How often do you research current exhibitions? 2. What is your stance on artist statements? Are they important? Why or why not? 3. How often should we update our websites? 4. How do you choose the artists that lecture at Rhodes College? 5. How would you describe the perfect artist lecture? 6. Has collaborating with other artists affected your style of art-making? If so, how?
Overall, very interesting talk and I'm upset I didn't get to stay...

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