Monday, September 19, 2011

Greely Myatt Artist Talk

When first approaching the David Lusk gallery where sculptor and art professor Greely Myatt had his “Just Sayin’” exhibition, I was fairly impressed with the first piece I viewed next to the front door of the gallery: a round table tilted upwards with the artist’s signature image, the word balloon, carved out and hanging on the wall above the table. Inside, the show was no less lacking in large scale, thought and word balloon themed pieces. I enjoyed Myatt’s many ways of creating this overlapping imagery, especially in the colorful silkscreen print in the back room.
After a good look around the gallery, we were able to ask questions of the artist regarding his work and his professional life. While speaking with Myatt, I found him to be very approachable and straight-forward in his answers, if a little cryptic. For example, when asked which media feels more comfortable for him to work with, he answered that it would depend on the piece and didn’t fully answer the question, in my opinion. I did not feel like I took much away from the talk, but I enjoyed his advice on working hard and putting one’s best foot forward when attempting to break into the art world, that any show you have, no matter how small, is still a show. It did bother me a bit when I asked about artist statements and he talked about how unimportant they are and how he prefers not to include one in his exhibitions. I think artist statements are great and always look for one when I’m at a gallery viewing other artists’ work. To me, the work in a show can only speak for itself so much, and it is interesting to see how my initial reaction of a piece differs from what the artist was actually thinking when they made the work of art. I wish that I had pressed this matter further with Myatt because I still have a very little idea of what he wishes to express with his work. I also would have wanted to have a question/answer session with Mr. Hollingsworth about the politics of running a gallery and what is crucial for an artist to know in order to have their work shown in one.

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  1. Robert Hollingsworth will be coming to our class to talk to us. So don't worry. Good review of the talk.