Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was recently commissioned by Memphis Spay and Neuter Services to design and construct a series of fruit/veggie inspired costumes for an upcoming benefit dinner. When I agreed to do this, I was under the impression that there would be a team of helpers and that I wouldn't have to do all the work myself. Wrong... Luckily, we agreed that each server should provide a garment for me with a color and style compatible with the vegetable or fruit they would represent, which significantly decreased my stress level. Can you imagine if I had to make all 11 costumes from scratch, by myself, in a mere month?? Well, after careful planning and much time spent in the studio with needles and thread and a glue gun, I reached a finished product for each outfit. Here is a photo of the results. Special thanks to MCA student photographer, Andrew Edwards and my good friend, the lovely and stylish Evan Leggoe, who designed the make-up. She is shown here sporting the watermelon dress while I struggle to smile without grimacing at my surprise inclusion in this photo as the peapod, who could not be there that day.

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  1. It came out well!!! There are some funny faces going on, but I like it!