Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Exhibitions

1. Name: Art in the Square Delray Beach 2011
Location: Delray Beach, FL
Due Date: 9-19-2011
Type of Work: Painting, photography, sculpture, craft, drawing, ceramics, digital art
Fee: $17
Type of Call: Any artists, 4 images, juried
Sizes: did not specify

2. Name: Nature
Location: Pasadena, CA
Due Date: 9-24-11
Type of Work: Printmaking, digital art, photography, drawing, painting
Fee: $35
Type of Call: Any artists, juried
Sizes: 250KB jpegs at 72dpi

3. Name: Southern Menagerie
Location: Raleigh, NC
Due Date: 9-26-11
Type of Work: Painting
Fee: $20
Type of Call: anyone, not juried
Sizes: not specified

4. Name: “12x12” The Small Image Show
Location: Ventura, CA
Due Date: 9-28-11
Type of Work: any
Fee: Free, unless chosen, then $10 installation fee for each piece
Type of Call: all artists over 18
Sizes: JPEG images, must be 12”x12”, no more, no less

5. Name: Art in Response
Location: Caritas Village, Memphis, TN
Due Date: 1-26-11
Type of Work: any media, should address inequality issues in the Memphis area
Fee: Free
Type of Call: Memphis artists
Sizes: any

6. Name: The Circle
Location: Alameda, CA
Due Date: 10-2-11
Type of Work: any
Fee: $40
Type of Call: juried, any artist, work must be circle themed
Sizes: not specified

7. Name: 2012 Leftovers in Laughlin
Location: Laughlin, Nevada
Due Date: 10-1-11
Type of Work: One piece per entry, Painting, Drawing, Pen and Ink, Color Pencil, Charcoal, Photography
Fee: Free
Type of Call: any artists, must post on Facebook and be festival themed
Sizes: not specified

8. Name: Sugarloaf Crafts Festival
Location: Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, NJ
Due Date: 9-28-11
Type of Work: all medias, 5 images
Fee: Free
Type of Call: any work to be shown in Garden State Exhibit Center, juried
Sizes: not specified

9. Name: Rocky Mountain Art Book Collection
Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Due Date: 12-1-2011
Type of Work: artist given blank sketch pad to decorate, all medias welcome
Fee: $25
Type of Call: anyone can participate who orders the blank sketchbook. Work to be shown collectively at exhibition
Sizes: not specified, depends on sketchpad size

10. Name: 1st Annual Juried Online Women's Art Exhibition
Location: Renegadefemme.com
Due Date: 12-31-2011
Type of Work: Open to all women worldwide who work in the following categories: Oil, Water media, Pastels, Graphite, Scratchboard, Original Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Wood, Glass, Photography, Fiber and Jewelry.
Fee: $40
Type of Call: a way to promote women in the art world, an online gallery
Sizes: not specified

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